WooCommerce Ninja Forms Review

Combining the power of Ninja Forms with your WooCommerce products

WooCommerce Ninja Forms Product Add-Ons is a WordPress plugin that allows for the integration of Ninja Forms fields into your WooCommerce products. These come in the form of checkboxes, radio buttons, dropdown menus and text input fields.

By using Ninja Forms with WooCommerce, you can give customers the ability to edit and customise a product to their liking. For example, a company who creates custom mugs could utilise this plugin, allowing buyers to add a unique message to their mug or other customisable product.

Another use of WooCommerce Ninja Forms is to add additional options to your products. The price of these options can be adjusted so that you can maximise the profit made by selling one product. For example, a phone supplier could use this option to include additional screen protectors, cases or other accessories.


What does the plugin do well?

WooCommerce Ninja Forms lets you easily assign forms to products while editing them.Ninja Forms Choose Form

We liked how easy it was to add forms to WooCommerce products. After installing the plugin, a “Choose Form” box will be added to the editing page for all WooCommerce products. This will allow you to easily implement any of the forms that you have saved.

Upsell your products by adding extra options:

WooCommerce Ninja Forms lets you add additional options to your products. These additional options can have a price assigned to them, increasing the cost of a customer’s order when selected. This makes it easy for you, the store owner, to sell extra items and accessories with products. The feature also makes it easier for customers who don’t’ want to look all through your website for additional accessories.


Plugin Compatibility:

Unfortunately, the WooCommerce Ninja Forms plugin is not compatible with Ninja Forms 3.0 and above. Instead, it is recommended that you download Ninja Forms 2.9.58.


Download WooCommerce Ninja Forms