9 Plugins to make your WooCommerce store more appealing to shoppers

Photo credit; Denise Krebs on Flickr

Photo credit; Denise Krebs on Flickr

These nine plugins will make your WooCommerce store much more appealing to shoppers and have them coming back and telling their friends about your shop.

1. WooCommerce Restrict Quantity

People know a great bargain when they see one, but sometimes bargain hunters can get a little greedy if you let them. Use the WooCommerce Restrict Quantity plugin to limit products to a single sale. This will help prevent customers from swooping in and buying all the products on offer during a great deal, making shopping at your online store fairer and more pleasant for all customers.

2. WooCommerce Waitlist

Sometimes people want an item they see in your store, but it’s sold out. Don’t have them check back at random or, worse yet, go somewhere else to purchase it. Keep track of demand for out-of-stock items, making sure your customers feel informed, and therefore more likely to buy from you.

Using a simple plugin, you can build up a waiting list of people wanting the unavailable item, then notify these customers automatically when products come back in.

Key features

1. allow customers to be notified when they can purchase an item that is currently out-of-stock
2. easily identify most wanted products to prioritise re-stocking
3. plug-and-play functionality: just install, activate and go!

3. Name your price

The WooCommerce Name Your Price extension lets you be flexible in what price you are willing to accept for selected products. You can use this extension to accept user-determined donations, gather pricing data or to take a new approach to selling products! It lets you suggest a price to your customers and optionally enforce a minimum acceptable price, or leave it entirely in the hands of the customer.

4. Cloud Zoom

Many online shoppers are already familiar with the ability to zoom in on a picture just by hovering over it. Give them that familiar ability with the Cloud Zoom plugin for WooCommerce.

The latest update means Cloud Zoom now works with attribute images, additional images and can be combined with the Product Slider plugin.

5. Measurement Price Calculator

Some ecommerce stores sell products by measurements (fabric by the square metre, for example). This plugin allows customers to quickly and easily calculate the price of any quantity of product they want to buy.

This highly flexible and customizable plugin allows you to add and configure a calculator to your products which are sold in quantities based on their dimensions, square footage, volume or weight; or allows you to sell products that are priced by unit of measurement (per square foot, cubic yard, etc). This allows you to easily sell products which have a known measurement per item: for instance a box of tiles that covers 35 square feet. Or sell products which are priced per unit: perhaps mulch sold with a price per cubic yard, allowing the customer to provide an area and depth of mulch, with the calculator deriving the total cubic yardage and final price. Configure any combination of units and customize labels to meet your store’s needs.

6. PDF Product Vouchers

This plugin allows you to customize and sell downloadable PDF vouchers for products such as tours, events, classes, lessons and more. WooCommerce PDF Product Vouchers is perfect for businesses that accept orders or payment online but provide a good or service at a later date or in person. Product vouchers make an attractive gift for customers to purchase for their friends and family, and can be personalized with a recipient name and message.

7. Product Finder

This plugin creates a powerful search tool that will assist your users in finding exactly what they need no matter how large your store is.

Product Finder includes:

  • Options that allow users to select which product attributes or categories they would like to display in their search results
  • Standard text search
  • Price slider

8. Returns and Warranty Requests

Although we would love it if we never had to deal with returns, if you run an ecommerce site, you likely do. Make it easier on your customers and yourself with the Returns and Warranty Requests plugin for WooCommerce.

Manage the RMA process, add warranty terms to your products, and allow your customers to request and manage returns and exchanges directly from their user account.

Key Features

1. Manage all RMA, warranty, and return requests from a single view in the store administration
2. Define warranty terms for products and set expirations periods for limited warranties
3. Manage automated email communications during each change in return status
4. Maintain free or paid extended warranties for products and variations
5. Create your own warranty statuses, and manage the statuses for all return requests
6. Customize your RMA code length and format
7. Request product images, track returns to/from your customers all within the user’s account.

9. WooCommerce Drag N Drop Shop

This is a WordPress WooCommerce plugin that will allow your site to use drag and drop shopping experience. It works with any product types. People love to be able to drag and drop on websites so give them that ability with your WooCommerce online store with this plugin.

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