6 Plugins for the back end of your WooCommerce site to make it easier to manage

Photo credit; Nafis Ahmad on Flickr

Photo credit; Nafis Ahmad on Flickr

Running a successful ecommerce site is more than just putting products on pages and letting consumers peruse them to decide what they want to buy. You want to make the shopping experience is easy for your customers, but also easy for yourself. Use these 6 plugins to make your ecommerce site a breeze for you.

1. Analytics.js & Segment.io for WooCommerce

Segment.io supports these providers through a single API: AdRoll, BitDeli, BugHeard, bugsnag, Chartbeat, ClickTale, Clicky, Comscore, Countly, Crazyegg, Crtittercism, Customer.io, Errorception, Flurry, Foxmetricks, Guages, Google Analytics, GoSquared, Heap, Help Scout, HitTail, HubSpot, Improvely, Intercom, Keen.io, KISSmetrics, Klaviyo, Librato, LiveChat, Localytics, Lytics, Marketo, Mixpanel, Olark, Ominture, Optimizely, Outbound, Pardot, Perfect Audience, Pingdom, Preact, Qualaroo, Quantcast, Salesforce, Sentry, SnapEngage, Totango, USERcycle, Userfox, UserVoice, Vero, Visual Website Optimizer, Woopra and of course webhooks.

The real power of Segment.io is in storing your data anlytics for later use.

For example, say you have been collecting results through Segment.io for WooCommerce to send over to Mixpanel. KISSmetrics comes out with a new feature that you really enjoy and you decide to switch to KISSmetrics. Instead of having to manually import your old data, Segment.io will automatically push your entire history (up to your account limits) to KISSmetrics for you. It makes switching analytics services super easy.

2. Customer/Order XML Export Suite

Export Customers & Orders from WooCommerce to XML and download or automatically upload them via FTP with this handy plugin. Many fulfillment services require you to upload your orders in an XML file via FTP. This is a very time-consuming process, which can be completely automated with this extension. Each order is marked as exported and an order note is added to help manage your fulfillment process.

With this plugin, you can:

  • Automatically export orders to XML on a recurring basis and upload to a remote server via FTP
  • Export individual orders from the Orders or Edit Order page
  • Bulk export multiple orders using bulk order actions
  • Export all orders by order number, order status, or a range of order dates
  • Quickly see which orders have been exported with the built-in order Export Status column

Supported FTP Types:

  • FTP
  • SFTP (FTP over SSH)
  • FTPS (FTP with Explicit TLS/SSL)
  • FTP over Implicit SSL

3. Customer/Oder/Coupon CSV Import Suite

This plugin allows you to mass import thousands of customers and orders into your WooCommerce store. This user-friendly importer will import customers with a minimum of hassle, and import orders and link them to your shop’s customers and products.

This is an ideal tool when migrating an existing online shop on a different ecommerce platform to WooCommerce, allowing you to maintain your customer accounts and order history. Have coupons to migrate from your old ecommerce platform, or campaigns requiring the creation of hundreds or more coupons? The importer will import those too.

4. Jigoshop to WooCommerce

If you’ve set up a store with Jigoshop but want to make the switch to WooCommerce, this plugin will allow you to do just that with the click of a button. The extension will tell you how many products have been detected and convert them to the WooCommerce format.

It converts products, product attributes and product variations.

5. Order/Customer CSV Export

Easily export your WooCommerce shop orders and customers to CSV format. This is an easy way to have all the essential information in your accounting system!


  • Fast export of both orders and customers
  • Define order export by date and status
  • Easily add custom order meta fields to output
  • Now also CSV Import suite compatible format

6. Product CSV Import Suite

With this plugin, you can mass import thousands of products and product variations into your WooCommerce store. It helps you import categories, tags, products and other product details into WooCommerce.

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