4 WooCommerce plugins to make your site more user-friendly

Photo credit; Robert Nunnally on Flickr

Photo credit; Robert Nunnally on Flickr

You want to make the shopping experience on your WooCommerce site as user-friendly as possible. These four plugins will make your WooCommerce site so easy to use, your customers will come back just for the experience alone.

1. WooCommerce Drag & Drop Shopping Cart

As the name implies, this plugin makes it easy for customers to simply drag and drop products to your WooCommerce Shopping Cart. It supports variation images and is multilingual compatible.

2. WooCommerce Checkout Discounts

This is an extension for WooCommerce that enables you to add custom checkout discounts automatically.

You can set either a fixed amount or percentage off the total cart amount And you can also set a minimum cart amount for the user to spend before they receive the discount. You can disable the discounts whenever you want.

3. WooCommerce Product Already In Cart

This is an extension for WooCommerce that displays a custom message on the product page that says the product is already in a shopper’s cart.

You can manage the message text that is shows and it supports main products, plus variations. The message does not show if the product has just been added to the cart, but will show if the shopper returns to the product page.

4. Woocommerce Live Product Search

This is a simple extension for WooCommerce that adds a live search to the products/shop page.

When shoppers start searching for a product, the results will change on the page without having it reload. And the search will only contain products with the keywords a shopper has searched for.

There are no settings to mess around with or change. It is all set up and ready to go with one click installation.

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