4 Wonderful WooCommerce widgets

Photo credit; Kurt Thomas Hunt on Flickr

Photo credit; Kurt Thomas Hunt on Flickr

Make your WooCommerce powered website work better with these four easy-to-use widgets. Your website will stand out, your customers will be grateful and your business will be booming.

1. Ajax Layered Navigation

The ajax-enabled, layered navigation extension for WooCommerce provides a richer user-experience for your customer and is particularly well-suited for stores that have a lot of variable products or products with a number of attributes.

Instead of just link filters, you can now offer your customers filterable color swatches, size selectors as well as check boxes. All of these used in combination create an easy to use layered navigation that will definitely help your customers find what they are looking for.

2. Currency Converter Widget

The Currency Converter Widget lets you offer a dynamic currency converter for displaying product prices and totals. The widget makes full use of money.js and the Open Source Exchange Rates API, allowing it to dynamically grab the latest exchange rates, and substitute displayed prices on the fly. All prices formatted by WooCommerce are updated, even totals. Checkout is still done using your store’s base currency, but the converted price is also stored for your reference.

You can add and convert to as many currencies as you want through the widget settings.

3. Ewire Payment Gateway for WooCommerce

The free Ewire Payment Module for WooCoommerce makes it possible to accept payment from Scandinavian countries that do not use the Euro (Denmark, Sweden & Norway). It is a simple setup. By adding this module to your setup you only need to create an Ewire Business account here. After you’re set up, you are ready to receive payments from these Scandanavian countries.

4. WooCommerce Accepted Payment Methods

Use this free widget to inform your customers which payment methods are accepted on your WooCommerce store before they reach the checkout. WooCommerce Accepted Payment Methods extends the WooCommerce settings, allowing you to specify which payment methods your store accepts.

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