6 Plugins for outstanding WooCommerce customisation

Photo credit; John Haslam on Flickr

Photo credit; John Haslam on Flickr

While WooThemes and WooCommerce offer you great out-of-the box functionality and aesthetics, sometimes you want to customise your website to offer your customers even more. Here are six WooCommerce plugins to do just that.

1. Email Cart for WooCommerce

WooCommerce Email Cart allows you to send a pre-populated WooCommerce Cart to a customer’s email address ready and waiting for checkout.

The customer can then checkout straight away or continue shopping, adding to the cart or editing what is already in it.

You are also able to select whether the link goes to the Cart page or the Checkout page and a live output of the link is always available for you to copy and use in any other application, such as a newsletter, support email, ad or promotion.

This plugin is great for:

  • Over-the-phone or email, manual orders
  • Customers contacting support who are having trouble finding products or using your site
  • Not having to create a new User manually in admin for an over-the-phone or email customer to set up a new Order for them
  • Encouraging phone/email customers to checkout through the usual front-end where all your shipping and discount plugins are effective.
  • Adding links to newsletters, ads or communications to quickly add products or sets of products to customers’ carts with one click

2. Login With Amazon for WooCommerce WordPress Plugin

The Login With Amazon for WooCommerce WordPress Plugin allows your users to log into your WooCommerce site using their Amazon credentials.

Nearly everyone today has an Amazon account. So, why not take advantage of this while making it easier on your potential customers?

The plugin simply displays a Login With Amazon Button right beside your WooCommerce login page and/or on the WordPress Login screen.

For this plugin, you will need:

  • An Amazon account
  • An Amazon Seller Central Account
  • An SSL that works on your webserver
  • WordPress version 3.5 and up
  • WooCommerce version 2.0 and up as well
  • PHP 5.3 on your webserver

3. WooCommerce Ajax Pagination

This simple extension for WooCommerce removes the default Woocommerce pagination and replaces it with a custom Ajax version. It has been developed using the same css styles as WooCommerce, so if you have modified your pagination styling, it will be still be in place after installing the plugin.

4. WooCommerce Bulk Discounts

This WooCommerce extension adds bulk discount functionality to your store depending on the total cart value. It adds an options page to WooCommerce, which allows you to set up to 5 Layers of pricing.

A layer will contain the following:

  • Type of discount set, whether it’s a fixed amount or percentage
  • The amount of the discount
  • The total savings from price of the cart
  • The new total price of the cart

5. WooCommerce Checkout Tooltips

This plugin gives you the ability to add custom tooltips to the default fields on the checkout page of WooCommerce.

Tooltips can be enabled or disabled separately from the settings page so you don’t need to have tooltips on all fields, just the ones you want. You can also customise the colour of the tooltip.

6. WooCommerce Post Layout

This plugin allows you to easily add more content into different areas on your Woocommerce store. It was specifically built for WooCommerce and allows you to add HTML content to your store pages. It supports Javascripts and is ideal for adding Share This buttons, Facebook comments boxes, Disqus comments boxes or just placing specific information in certain areas of your website.

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