5 awesome accounting plugins for running an online business

Photo credit; Images Money on Flickr

Photo credit; Images Money on Flickr

Help boost your business with these five accounting plugins for WooCommerce.

1. US Export Compliance

This one is specifically for US online store owners because US-based shop owners selling goods and services are required to comply with export regulations published by the Department of Commerce, the Department of the Treasury and the Department of of State.

With this plugin, you can be sure that your US-based store is complying with all export regulations quickly and reliably and gives you daily updates of the screening lists these departments keep.

2. Cost of Goods

You can easily track the cost of the goods you sell and your total profit by adding a Cost of Good field to products. Costs are automatically calculated on checkout and in-depth reports provide the information you need to improve your bottom line.


Add a Cost of Good to each Product (including variations)
Automatically calculate the total cost of goods for each Order
See Profit & Cost Reports by day, month, or product
See a total inventory valuation based on retail prices or cost of goods.

Reports include:

Profit by Day
Profit by Month
Product Profit
Most/Least Profitable Sellers
Inventory Valuation

3. Freshbooks Integration

Integrate your WooCommerce store with your web-based invoicing FreshBooks account with this plugin. It will mail or email invoices directly to your clients and allow you to keep track of when the customer views their invoices online and it features robust reporting tools.

When payments are posted to orders within WooCommerce, payments are immediately posted to the order’s invoice in FreshBooks.

4. Print Invoices & Packing lists

This plugin allows you to easily print invoices and packing lists for orders straight from the orders listing page. You can bulk print the data you need with only two clicks. This is a very useful timesaver if you have to print a lot of packing lists for orders.


Easily print invoices and packing lists for orders straight from the orders listing page.
Bulk print invoices and packing lists.
Allow customers to print invoices for their orders from the my-orders page.
Possibility to send professional looking invoices as HTML email to your customers.
Easy customisation of the info that gets printed on the invoice/packing list.
Fully customisable templates for invoices and packing lists in print and in email.
Support for Sequential Order Numbers plugin.

5. Xero

This plugin allows you to integrate your WooCommerce store with your Xero account.

Xero is accounting software that handles all of your business accounting functions from bank reconciliation and financial reporting to inventory tracking and payroll.

Xero for WooCommerce gives you the ability to setup automatic invoices in Xero for your ecommerce sales. After the plugin is installed and configured each order placed in your WooCommerce store is securely sent to your Xero account to keep your records up to date.

All items, shipping, discount, and tax data is sent to Xero. When payments are made they are applied to the appropriate invoice to keep everything in balance.

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