5 shipping methods for awesome Australian shipping


Photo credit; US Pacific Air Forces on Flickr

Photo credit; US Pacific Air Forces on Flickr

For Australian businesses, these five plugins will make your shipping easy and help get your business booming.

1. Australia Post Shipping Method

If you need to ship products around or from Australia, meet your new best friend. The Australian Post Shipping Method allows you to get shipping rates from Australia Post’s shipping API for domestic and international parcels.

This extension requires that your store uses Australian Dollars for currency and primarily works with cm and kg, but other units can be converted automatically.


Enable additional services such as extra coverage and delivery confirmation.
Enable/disable, edit the names of, and add costs to services
Pack items individually or using the built in box packer

2. Fastway Shipping Pro by ospayment.com

The Fastway Shipping Extension provides low cost, reliable, local, short haul and national courier distribution service across key regional and metropolitan locations in Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Northern Ireland and South Africa. If you do business in any of these regions, this extension is a must for you.

3. WooCommerce Australia Post Shipping Calculator

Whether you need to ship domestically within Australia or internationally from Australia, if your business is based in Australia, the the Australia Post Shipping Calculator is a great tool to have. It adds automatic postage calculations for Australian WooCommerce users.


1. Domestic (Australia) and International shipping
2. Choose which (if any) international countries you will allow postage too
3. Optional Handling Fee to charge on top of the Australia post shipping fee
4. Allows customers to get a quick postage quote by simply entering their postal code
5. Adds multiple products together and works out the cost of them combined
6. Helpful error messages (eg: if the user enters the wrong postal code)
7. Developer is open to suggestions for additional features you would like to see

4. WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping

The WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping plugin gives you the ability to add multiple rates for a given customer based on conditions set by the site administrator. For example, these can include: shipping destination, cart subtotal, item shipping class, price, weight, and many others.

This plugin works alongside your WooCommerce store by adding a new shipping method directly to your WooCommerce settings. The familiar layout and easy to use options will make it simple to setup and use in your WooCommerce store.

5. Woocommerce Custom Order Status

This simple plugin adds the ability to create, edit and delete custom order statuses in WooCommerce, giving you more flexibility than the existing default options.

This plugin can help to manage and organize your orders and raise customer satisfaction. Once installed, there will be a new link inside the WooCommerce menu. From that page you can manage order status the same way you manage shipping classes and product tags.

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