5 Payment Gateway Plugins for doing business in Australia

Photo credit; US Pacific Air Forces on Flickr

Photo credit; US Pacific Air Forces on Flickr

The Australian market is a growing and important one for any online business. Make it as easy as possible to do business with your Australian customers with these 5 payment plugins for Australia.

1. Payment Express

Developed by DPS, Payment Express is a Visa and MasterCard certified payment solution that allows you to accept electronic payments easily from multiple access points using your Payment Express account.

To use the plugin, you’ll need to request “PxPay” credentials from Payment Express. There is no extra charge for this. No SSL certificate is required to use this plugin.

2. ANZ eGate

The ANZ eGate plugin extends WooCommerce allowing you to take credit card payments directly on your store via the ANZ eGate payment processor in AU and NZ dollar currencies. It’s suitable for small to large businesses wanting to perform online transactions where the card is not present.

This plugin uses a merchant hosted setup where you provide an SSL secure page on your website for purchasers to enter credit card details and order details. The merchant’s system then sends one encrypted message to ANZ eGate, which processes the transaction and provides an approved/declined response. Your system will then display the response to the purchaser.

3. e-Path Gateway

Make things easy for both you and your customers with the e-Path Gateway, which collects your customers’ credit card details with an approval to charge. You are notified by email so you can log in to securely view the credit card details and process the order offline using your manual merchant account.

It is not necessary to use an online merchant account with e-Path, only a basic MOTO merchant account is used. e-Path charges a one off setup and an annual fee for their service, but do not charge per transaction.

All credit card handling is performed on the PCI compliant e-Path website, meaning the merchant website does not require an SSL certificate. This is one less security concern that you will have to worry about.

4. eWAY AU Shared Gateway for WooCommerce

This payment gateway comes with quick and easy setup, free support all day every day and dozens of partner banks to fit all of your payment needs.

Your WooCommerce transactions are handled by eWay so your customers’ credit card information is processed and stored by eWay’s PCI-compliant Secure Servers

5. WorldPay Gateway for WooCommerce

WorldPay enables you to accept debit and credit card payments online and in multiple currencies without having to worry about storing your customers’ credit card information on your site. All transactions are handled through the WorldPay website.

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